Can I control my Mitchell & Brown TV using a phone, tablet or other smart devices?

  • Yes, however, you must have a Smart version of our TV’s (FSM & FSM4K models) and be connected to the same wireless network. 
  • Here's how to setup your device

Do Mitchell & Brown TV's support the function to record from the TV to a USB?

  • The TV's Support USB playback,  but unfortunately they cannot record TV content on to a USB stick.

What do I need to do if my TV has developed a fault?

  • Contact the Mitchell & Brown customer service team on the following number: 01204 377 693  

Programme Your Remote For Your Mitchell & Brown TV

How do I get the Catchup service?

  • The catchup service is only available if you have an aerial connected to the TV. You can either use a hardwired aerial or an indoor aerial.

What do I need to get Freeview Play?

How does my smart service work?

  • The smart service (Apps) requires your TV to be connected to an aerial, the TV to be tuned in and connected to the Internet.

How to find your nearest retailer?

How to clean your TV?

  • Use a soft / micro fibre cloth and gently wipe the screen being careful not to apply to much pressure to the TV screen. If necessary you could also use a glass cleaner to remove any marks that may not wipe off just using a cloth.

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