Freeview Play is the connected part of the Freeview offering.

Freeview is the free-to-air digital TV offering for the vast majority of UK television sets. It offers many standard definition channels and HD channels.

Freeview Play adds connected services to the mix so that, within the menu, you are able to scroll backwards through the last seven days of programming and select shows to watch streamed over the internet that you might have missed.

If you are a Virgin Media or Sky subscriber, or have a YouView box, you'll understand the concept.

What services does Freeview Play offer?

Freeview previously confirmed that BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and All 4 would be integrated at launch. Channel 5's Demand 5 then followed soon after.

UKTV has also added support for its channels: Dave, Yesterday, Really and Drama. Shows from each of these are also available on Freeview Play thanks to the UKTV Play app that compatible TVs now feature.

Freeview Play will relate only to the channels in the Freeview line-up and must be tuned in via aerial. 

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